The importance of status

The words marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, dating and just friends are an extemely touchy subject. Not only are most of us scared to mention these words to the other person involved, we are scared to state what the real status is.

As both parties  are trying to determine the correct status, there is still that question: “What are we?”. No one wants to get their feelings hurt by assuming a status. Too many time we (and I say we because I’ve assumed before too) assume the status of dating when in reality they just want to be friends.

Now, let me play devil’s advocate and say: shouldnt you be friends before you take it to the next step anyway? I do think so but how do we get to that point. I can only speak for me but I am very impatient and easily bored. Boredom comes from that waiting and wondering how and what the other person is feeling. Im just not that patient to sit and analyze how he feels about me to determine the next step.

A recent encounter helped me realize that although we may be friends, there ia still that interest in becoming more. The key factor here is communicating so feelings do not get hurt. Communication is key in any relationship status.

Do not be afraid to tell the other what status you think you are. It saves energy, hurt feelings and embarrassment.

-Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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