Strawberry Shortcake

Usually, Sunday dinner is my dad’s responsibility. He always makes sure we have a pretty decent meal after church. Sunday dinner is pretty important as it’s the last meal of the week. It’s usually the dinner for everyone to recap what happened throughout the week and to prepare for the next week.

This past Sunday my dad handed the cooking responsibilities to me. I thought long and hard about the menu. While, I’m being conscious about my calorie intake, I also had to consider the taste buds of my family. The final menu was baked fish, mashed potatoes and brocoli. That seems pretty reasonable right? I thought so too.

I also found a happy medium. I made a somewhat healthy dinner with a pretty delicious dessert. That’s right. Strawberry shortcake. As I was making the cake, I didn’t expect it to anything different from any other shortcake. Without knowing it, It was a darn good dessert. I thought there would be enough to last for a treat after work. Nope not this time.

Just when we don’t put enough time or energy into something, that’s usually when we create something good. It’s when we think too hard or perform a hardcore analyziation when things don’t turn out right. My intention was to bake a simple, easy cake. Instead it turned into a what my brother called “scrumptdiliumptious”dessert.

Sometimes, no effort is the best effort.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?


The smell of memories

There are so many types of smells that trigger memories. Whether its the scent of a sweet perfume, cologne or the smell of a particular room, most scents are distinct in how they effect others. Smell is one of the most influenced senses.

One of my favorite scents is the smell of my grandma’s house. I dont know how to describe it. However, I know when someone has been there. Im also able to tell if something came from her house. Im reminded of so many good times (family gatherings, when I lived there and my grandfather). Even when she’s done cooking or has something in the garage, her distinctive house smell is a soothing scent.

Another favorite scent is the smell of Jean Paul Gaultier. Yes, yes, I know. Those who know me, know that I go absolutely crazy when a man decides to wear this cologne. The smell of this musk, sandalwood and amber is so fullfilling.  I must give props to the chemists who discovered the right mix for this scent. It is nothing but a good deed for me nose.

As I’m reminded of certain events by a sensitive smell, scents trigger memories. Whether the scent is strawberry, coffee, wood or cologne, these scents tend to bring a comforting sense of memories.

-Am I N-Write-Mind?

Driving while suspended

Allow me to vent about the some of the malicious ways we are punished for events that are not our fault.

Most of you guys know that I recently purchased a vehicle. This was on a Saturday. On my way to work on that following Monday, a man ran a red light an hit me. He hit my brand new car…. Yeah, accidents happen all the time. The kicker….he had no insurance. So now the financially responsibility was on me to pay the desuctable to get my new car fixed.

Of course I had insurance as I was required to have it before I drove off the lot. My lease also required me to have a certain liability amount. Needless to say, the man admitted fault to my insurance, I paid my $250 deductable and my car was fixed.

That’s it right?…. Nope. There just had to be another aspect. I received a letter from the BMV stating my license was suspended for failure to show proof of insurance after the accident. Uh, i was a tad bit confused.

I was the one with insurance. I wouldn’t have been able to get my car fixed without it.

I had to call my insurance and have them electronically send proof. Then I had to call the BMV. The BMV then said their system updates every night at 6. Once that is updated, it can take 24-72 hours for the suspension to be removed…. Are you kidding me?

While I sit around waiting for systems to be updated, I will also continue to go on about life. I strongly believe I have done my civil duty by paying for auto insurance every month. This has not and will not stop me and my plans…..

However, I will be praying, hoping and wishing I do not get pulled over by a police officer. Until then, slow cautious driving is my goal.

-Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

Discretion Within Friendship

Yes, it’s pretty cheesy/cliche’ to include the definition of my subject. However, the definition of friendship helps me get my point across. So here it is….. The definition of friend is a “person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; a patron or supporter.”  I would  agree 100% with this definition if it included discretion.

There are two sides to discretion. First, this does not mean that a friend tells others of your business. As a friend, I will go to someone in confidence for support, advice or maybe just to get a thought off my chest. The need to go to a friend in confidence automatically enrolls that friend in a discretion contract. When and if I decide to to have a talk with a friend, I trust that my friend will keep that conversation between us. Conversations with friends can be/and are sometimes limited.

The second side of discretion does not mean that one is obligated to tell your friends all of your business. Every individual has a right to pick and choose what they want to confide in someone about. In fact, I am very choosy in what advise and opinions I seek from other and who I choose them from. I also tend to leave out certain events, issues and thoughts. This could be for various reasons.

Truth is, people can sometimes get in the way of what’s right. Others can also negatively affect thought processes. If we go to various people seeking advise we get wrapped up in everyone else’s opinions. We loose track of our own perspectives.

Just because I may be discrete in what I say, I expect my friends to be discrete in regards of what I do say.  What I don’t want is my friends to think it’s because I’m being secretive. By not telling all of my business I’m avoiding drama, confusion and sometimes judgement. Although, I am pretty open and free with most of my opinions, I am choosey in sharing information. Call me stingy but some events, issues and thoughts are predominately exclusive to me, myself and I.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


Slacking for perfection/writer’s block

I’ve decided to open up about my journey in writing my book. I wanted to keep this within my close circle. However, I’ve had the urge to tell my somewhat struggle to get my project done. I could blame my lack of progress on some many things or people. In fact, writing this out helped me organize my thoughts in supporting my theory that my major road block is myself.

I actually started writing a little over a year and a half ago. Just when I come up with one idea, I come up with another idea. That one idea can change the entire chain of events of the book. Just when I think I have enough energy and ideas, my words make no sense. Instead of calling this writer’s block, it’s more like too many thoughts but not enough time or patience to boggle them into something that makes sense to others.

Once I’ve reached the dilemma of writer’s block, I tend to push the project aside. I’ve used this as a recoupment process. Walking away and taking a break may help rejuvenate ideas (at least, that’s what I’d like to think).

As I jot these ideas, thoughts, opinions and stories I’m overwhelmed with a sense of fear of the unknown. One of my most recent frustrations came from me wanting the project to be somewhat perfect. Although I want  others to grow fond of my work, I also want honest opinions of how my ideas are portrayed.

I’d like to think that support does not always mean agreement. Along with that, I also have to be mature enough to accept that my ideas are just that (my ideas). Just as I relay my ideas on paper, I am liable to have others who agree, disagree or are neutral. I accept all three perspectives as this is my fuel, motivation and support to become a better writer.

Perfecting my writing is an internal concept. No person, place or thing is perfect. The goal is to strive toward perfection. So as my journey to complete my book (my project), I will continually accept that perfection is a mere form of motivation and my writer’s block is only temporary.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


The importance of status

The words marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, dating and just friends are an extemely touchy subject. Not only are most of us scared to mention these words to the other person involved, we are scared to state what the real status is.

As both parties  are trying to determine the correct status, there is still that question: “What are we?”. No one wants to get their feelings hurt by assuming a status. Too many time we (and I say we because I’ve assumed before too) assume the status of dating when in reality they just want to be friends.

Now, let me play devil’s advocate and say: shouldnt you be friends before you take it to the next step anyway? I do think so but how do we get to that point. I can only speak for me but I am very impatient and easily bored. Boredom comes from that waiting and wondering how and what the other person is feeling. Im just not that patient to sit and analyze how he feels about me to determine the next step.

A recent encounter helped me realize that although we may be friends, there ia still that interest in becoming more. The key factor here is communicating so feelings do not get hurt. Communication is key in any relationship status.

Do not be afraid to tell the other what status you think you are. It saves energy, hurt feelings and embarrassment.

-Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

Lost in Laughter

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” -E.E. Cummings

With this being said, I can’t remember a day that I haven’t laughed at someone or something. Creating jokes about the smallest imperfection of a situation.  Laughter is built on just a small smile. That smile then becomes an expression of happiness.

We also have to laugh to keep from crying. Have you every had something that pissed you off but you laughed it off because you realized it was not worth the energy of anger? It’s more energy to be angry or upset at a situation than to let it slide.

A co-worker told me that I had a nice smile. She also added that my smile is contagious and it warms her soul whenever i smile. In return that, warmed my spirit. As I continue to live day by day, I continuously find a way to smile and find laughter in most situations.

The main point is to keep smiling no matter what cards you have been dealt because every once and a while, you’ll get a joker card.

-Am I N_My_Write_Mind?