Options or Priorities

We all know that famous quote, “Don’t make someone a priority when you are only an option”. Debate has reigned over this quote. Some individuals agree, some oppose. I’m in total agreeance of this statement.


The conversation of relationships has been been buzzing. I think the source of this buzz is because it’s summer time. We all know that summer is the season for break-ups, bafoonary, shenanigans and mess.


Throughout this conversation, the question of the real definition of relationships, kicking it and dating have sparked various reactions. The real question is “What is our status and what does it mean?”  My question from all of this was, “If you are dating then is it wrong to date numerous people at one time?” Most people responded that it’s ok to date multiple people unless the two of you decide to be exclusive.


This threw me for a loop. Doesn’t this mean you are in a relationship if you decide to be exclusive? The majority of the responses: not necessarily. At this point I was thoroughly confused. To me this is saying, “We are together but we have an open relationship. I also interpreted this as “We are each other’s option. However, definitely not a priority to one another.”

I’m not a big fan of being someone’s “option”. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I don’t feel comfortable being just an option. I feel I should be a priority. Especially if you and me (we) are putting in an equal amount of effort.

It’s honestly too time consuming to juggle too many relationships at one time. This goes for opposite sex companionship and friendships. Trust me, I’ve tried. Dating multiple people at one time is a time management skill that I just do not possess. Sooner or later I became extremely exhausted trying to keep up.

In addition, options lead to indecisiveness. Indecisiveness leads to procrastination. If you have options, you will will never decide what you want or who you want. The decision becomes too complicated. It’s like looking at a menu. It all may look good or sound good. You may have so many items to choose from but in the end you have to choose that one main entre’.

This may be the selfish Leo in me. However, I only want to put my time, effort and attention into one person. In return, I want to be their priority and not one of their options.


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