Approved Attitude

There’s been this chip on my shoulder. Believing that every situation was always someone else’s problem or fault was a major misconception. Instead of examining my own faults, I tried to discover everyone else’s imperfections. Along with these discoveries, not once did I recognize that my little “experiment” was revealing the real me. I was exposing who I was a person. I wouldn’t go too far as saying I was judgmental that’s too harsh…. Maybe the best word to use here would be unreasonable.

After my self analysis, I realized my bad attitude tended to be a mere reaction to other’s attitude. Instead of being proactive, my reaction was dependent on another individual’s outlook (positive or negative).  My unwillingness to be reasonable resulted in me concluding that I was always right….

Well you guessed it. I was more wrong then right. But the chip on my shoulder aided me to think otherwise. It wasn’t until I had a random conversation about my attitude, when I realized it’s not ever acceptable to have an bad attitude because of a bad situation. My goal in life is to play the cards that life dealt me and play them strategically so that I win. This attitude I had toward certain people and situations were hindering and blocking blessings.

Needless to say, a positive attitude is always approved.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?


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