Control Freak

My pastor did more than step on my toes in Sunday’s sermon. They actually became numb. He mentioned that we as people always try to control a situation.

See, the truth is we try to control things that are out of control’s reach. I’d like to blame this on me being a leo and my personality. However, can I really blame it on that aspect? When I don’t have control of a situation, I feel as if I let myself down and I become angry at myself. I get upset when things don’t turn out the way I want or planned. I always think my way is the right way. Why do I get so upset when things don’t go as planned? I mean, I planned. That’s why it should go exactly how I planned it. Right? Umm no. Negative. That’s not how it works.

After this sermon, I went home and meditated.  I said to myself “Gosh, you really do try to control things. Get yourself together”. It was an eye opener to realize how much I do try to control every situation. Not once did I ever realized that there could be more than one way to do things. Not once did I try to determine other alternatives.

No one is ever always right. Nor can I grasp control on all situations. The lesson is, I have to let some things go and let God do his work. He guides me and  I need to just follow. I’m not in control. He is.

~Am I N-My-Write Mind?


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