Screaming but you can’t hear me

For all those that know me, know that I have terrible road rage. For those that don’t know me, now you know too. 🙂 I’m easily irritated by the following:

20 mph drivers, drivers who do not use turn signals, drivers who take forever to turn, drivers who drive on the lines, drivers who ride my butt, drivers who wait until the last minute to turn…. you get my drift.

If there is no traffic, it can take me 15 minutes to get home from work. If there is traffic, maybe it takes 20-25 minutes. On my way home from work, I became irritated by a driver who kept breaking but there was no one in front of them. I thought to myself, “What is all of this breakage about sir?”

I started to scream and yell inside my car. I said things like “You bleeping idiot! WTF is going on? HELLO!” All I wanted to do was get home from a long day at work. Instead, I had a incompetent driver which whom I couldn’t bypass because of traffic.  How would he know I was irritated with him? There wasn’t a way I could show him who ridiculous he was driving.

After a few more words, I realized that no one can hear me but me. The man in the car in front of me could not hear me. What was the point in screaming? I turned down my music and drove in silence the rest of the way home. I was more upset at myself than I was at the jerk in front of me because no one could hear me scream.


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