Leading the group in the wrong direction?

What is the definition of a leader? I guess this could be tricky and it depends on who is leading and what you’re leading.  But everyone should have some clue or their own definition of a leader. Our leaders could be presidents, managers, supervisors, etc. There are so many characteristics that a leader should possess. My short definition of a leader is someone who:

1.Has the ability to adapt

2.Has great communication skills

3.Is Firm

4.Is personable

5. Is able to multitask


Today I became really frustrated with my so called team leader. Her job description seems a little vague as her duties are no more than my daily duties. The only difference is compensation. At times, I feel I actually do more than she does in a work day. I mean she asks us “the team” more questions than we ask her.

I had a provider who was upset and wanted to talk to a supervisor. Before I transfered to the team lead, I wanted to brief her of the situation. Well, I asked her a question as I assume she is there to “lead the team” and take over the call.

After I asked for help, she tells me to tell the provider exactly what I’ve already told her. So, I do that and the provider only became more frustrated and still wanted to speak to a supervisor. I then became a little confused and irritated. One would think her role was to assist me, if I was unable to help a provider. Instead, both the provider and I had attitudes about the situation and the situation was not resolved.

Now this has happened on a number of occasions.The question remains, Is she leading in the right direction or is she leading at all?

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?

One thought on “Leading the group in the wrong direction?

  1. I know that this is an old post but I just discovered your blog today and have been checking out your posts.

    As for your question, “Is she leading in the right direction or is she leading at all,” I would say that she is not. Not all people should be supervisors and some just skate by on their coattails.

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