Confessions of an Addict

As I made my lunch today, I tried to keep my healthy regiment in tact. I had a turkey sandwich, celery and carrots, a banana and crystal light. When I was done eating, I searched the pantry and fridge for something majorly sweet.

Now keep in mind, that I just had a lunch that made me full. I had managed to fix a lunch that was low in fat. However, I wanted something else to fill that junk food void. The banana just didn’t cut it. I thought drinking some water would help the craving. It only made me go to the bathroom.

After, I noticed what I was doing wrong, I went in the living room to watch tv and get my mind off of eating something sweet.  As soon as a commercial came on, I went back to the kitchen. “Maybe I missed someting” I thought. I did a complete inventory of the shelves again.

There was nothing there that I could use as a quick fix. Then it came to me. My  sister had a bag of Sweetheart Gummies. I asked if I could have some and she was so serious about telling me no. “Damn it!” I thought.

I stormed out and walked back to the living room. I couldn’t believe I was actually upset about not having sugar. Attitude and frustration were uncalled for. This is food I’m talking about.

They say the first step to getting help to admit that you have a problem. I guess I’m over step one.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?

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