We all know how good it feels to get those GM or GN texts from a boo. Well, I suprisingly received one this morning. However, it was from someone who I preferred not to get one from. Reluctantly, I responded back because I know how it feels to be ignored.

I continued to do my early morning duties and he texts back and says “Be careful on the roads this morning.” My gut told me to just respond “ok” but because I’m iced in and had nothing else to do, I texted back and said, “thank you but I’m at home because of the ice and I have a flat tire.”

I didn’t expect him to text back but he did. This is exactly what his text read “You should get your tired fixed so you can come over my house and chill with me”.

Now, it took me a few minutes to decide on how I should respond. There are three major things wrong with this text:

1.I’m iced in. So that means I can’t go anywhere if I wanted to.

2. If I didn’t get my tire fixed to go to work, what makes you think I would get it fixed just to come see you. My money is more important than chilling with you.

3. You want me to risk getting into an accident and you are the one with the huge SUV. I guess you really care about my well being.

Then as Keri Hilson’s song “Energy” came on I took a few breaths and responded, “I don’t think you should call or text me anymore.”

I realized, I was tired of putting energy and thought into people that don’t put any energy into me. That doesn’t make sense. There was too much thought and energy into the response of my text when I could have just said “ok”.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?


2 thoughts on “Energy

  1. That’s crazy! But good for you . . . if he wanted to see you that bad he shoulda came to you especially after you said you had a flat tire. You are right . . . it’s time out for putting effort and energy to those who can’t do the same for you šŸ™‚ Great post!

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